ALAE SOLUTIONS Successfully completes R&D contract for a new tracking sensor technology.

ALAE Solutions successfully completed the Phase I contract in support of a new sensor technology for tracking Air Force assets. The diverse team included the USAF, aircraft maintenance engineers, ALAE engineers, GSU research professors, and engineers from the CISCO RF Government group. During the Phase I feasibility evaluation, the team completed several important deliverables. These included research and selection of an RF tracking technology suitable for DoD installations, feasibility studies into range and suitability for the client use case, development of an RF simulation as a digital twin (DT) to optimize antenna placement, and market research toward potential end-users and other DoD gap needs. New RFID technologies were demonstrated to track assets over the entire flight line with minimal infrastructure. A prototype plan was identified and confirmed with the USAF sponsors and stakeholders for several receivers and tags to be deployed and evaluated in an operational scenario in a Phase II effort. We expect to research cybersecurity, cloud-based applications, and message integration with other systems as we move forward in Phase II, which was awarded on 08/05/2021, with further research and an improved performance prototype of the sensor technology with optional features.