Reconfigurable Test Adapter (RTA)

Air Logistics and Engineering (ALAE) Solutions will develop a reconfigurable test adapter (RTA) that adapts differences between existing automated test equipment/ systems (ATE/ ATS) to ensure efficient, cost-effective test program set (TPS) transportability.

The solution will provide significant life cycle sustainment cost savings while increasing reliability and maintainability of the ATE/ATS used to repair/return critical avionics assets to warfighters. In particular, this innovation will decrease sustainment cost and increase mission capable rates for Air Force Sustainment Command (AFSC) Supply Chain Management (SCM), USAF SPOs, USAF ATE SPO, and the 402nd EMXG/SMXS stakeholders. This will be accomplished by facilitating a more rapid, cost effective method to retire legacy ATS/ATE when moving TPS’s to versatile depot automated test station (VDATS).

Wiring from core VDATS instrumentation will be routed through the RTA to an interface similar to the Legacy ATS allowing continued use of the original Test Adapter hardware directly on the new ATE.  Re-hosting will be facilitated with new ALAE software tools supporting IEEE 1675 ATML and other existing DoD programs.