ALAE Solutions is presenting the newly developed Reconfigurable Test Adapter (RTA) at the IEEE AUTOTESTCON 2019 held August 26-29 in National Harbor, MD. The RTA is an innovative solution to addresses the problem of costly, time consuming re-hosting of legacy test program sets (TPS) from legacy Automatic Test Systems (ATS) into modernized systems such as the Versatile Depot Automatic Test Station (VDATS.)

Approximately 8,000 Test Program Sets (TPS) are currently planned to be re-hosted on next generation systems and this product showcases some of our work related to obsolescence of legacy ATS/ ATE performed under a USAF Phase II SBIR project.

The goal of the project is to provide significant life cycle sustainment cost savings while increasing reliability and maintainability of the ATE/ ATS used to repair/return critical avionics assets to warfighters.

This innovation will decrease total ownership cost (TOC) while concurrently increasing mission capable rates for Air Force Sustainment Command (AFSC) ATS. The TOC savings will be experienced by greatly decreasing Supply Chain Management (SCM) inventory costs, and decreasing USAF ATE SPO engineering costs by retiring legacy ATE when migrating to an approved DoD FoT such as VDATS. The AFMC Depot stakeholders will benefit from increased availability of ATS as well as decreased training/maintenance costs.

This will be accomplished by facilitating a more rapid and cost-effective method to retire legacy ATS/ATE when moving TPSs to VDATS without modification to the ITA and while maintaining backwards compatibility of the VDATS system with native ITAs.

We are excited to work with the DoD ATS Management Board (AMB) to present the initial proof of concept hardware and about the opportunity to inform other DoD agencies of this emerging technology.